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Momentt Wall Clock

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What's in a name? Well, Gejst means enthusiasm and joy, and you can feel both in each of their Scandi-inspired interior pieces. This Danish brand's furniture is contemporary and cool. The Momentt Wall Clock is a statement, monochrome wall clock in steel.

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The Momentt Wall Clock was designed by Böttcher & Kayser, inspired by the idea of time limits, and displaying that in a poetic way. The matt steel frame and diffused glass face give it an unusual, dreamy quality – which allows the hands to 'disappear' into its depths. It's a think piece as well as a timepiece, and a great one to hang in your dining room or kitchen.


In English, Gejst translates to enthusiasm and joy – and that’s exactly what this Danish design brand aspires to create with every Scandi-influenced piece they produce. Their furniture and homeware’s contemporary and cool – an easy way to add energy to a simple space.


• Material: Steel • Designer: Böttcher & Kayser • Dimensions: Ø: 30 Cm D: 8,4cm

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