Crafted by Herbarium

Gingko Longévité

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If you live in a sleepless city like we do, you've undoubteldy felt a craving for lush, green gardens and untouched nature like we have. With the motto "Pressed flowers are forever," Herbarium is the first modern brand of pressed botanicals, bringing the outdoors to us - inside.

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Herbarium artwork comes in two sizes; (cm) 30x40cm or 60x80cm

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Herbarium is known for its beautiful, timeless pressed nature compositions - be they flowers, or exotic plants. Fuelled by a passion for the natural environment and its decreasing presence in daily urban life, the brand offers to capture a fleeting bit of nature forever, right in the comfort of our homes and offices.


"Nature, forever" says Herbarium, creative lovechild of Parisian sisters Pauline and Marion. Inspired by a sunny stroll through Notting Hill surrounded by flowers in bloom, the sibling duo decided to create a new way to capture a natural, fleeting moment forever - Herbarium was born. Reminding us of the soothing qualities of plants and the beauty of nature, the brand adds a simple yet sophisticated flourish to any home and office.


• Aluminium frame • Acrylic pane • Real life pressed plant or flower

Special Care

Please avoid placing the artwork in direct sunlight, as this could affect the appearance and longevity of the leaves or flowers.