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Set of 3 Wooden Bowls

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Nestled in Southern Chile, Hualle take creativity from the magic of their location and the people that have inhabited it. Crafting sustainably produced pieces from trees that are native to Chile, each one is steeped in history and care. The set of 3 hand carved bowls are created from mañío wood and feature a chunky, asymmetrical design. Beautifully simple and elegant in design – the perfect decorative piece or dining table focal point.

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• Diameter small bowl: 12 cm, • Diameter medium bowl: 15 cm, • Diameter big bowl: 18 cm, • Approximate weight: 1 kg each

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The 3 Wooden Bowls are named IWE in the indigenous language of Mapudungun, translating to “bowl”. Each and every article by Hualle is consciously carved from fallen trees and controlled wood so as not to endanger the trees that call Chile their home.


Inspired by Southern Chile and its people, since 2014 Chilean heritage brand Hualle have been handcrafting artisan, decorative paddles. Influenced by the plight of the first people who inhabited the Chilean Patagonia and travelled from place to place in canoes, supported by a great tool: the mighty oar. Each handmade Hualle piece is unique and made from sustainable trees that have naturally fallen – keeping the forests happy.


• Made in Chile • Hand-carved from mañío wood • Diameter small bowl: 12 cm • Diameter medium bowl: 15 cm • Diameter large bowl: 18 cm • Approximate weight: 1 kg each • Set of 3 wooden bowls: small, medium and large

Special Care

When dirty or dusty, please clean me using a clean, damp cloth before leaving to dry. Please wipe my surface dry to avoid any staining.