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Crafted by Humble

ST64 Swirl Bulb

$ 17
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A vintage-looking bulb with a modern design – thank humble for the new lamp of your dreams. Their cordless composition and unique LED light bulbs help recreate the warmth of old-school lights without the high energy consumption. The ST64 Swirl Bulb is a low voltage LED filament bulb with a vintage look.

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humble makes little lamps that pack a big punch – cordless, sleek designs that are equal parts innovative and wow-worthy. Each one’s based on a low energy consumption design, featuring reimagined LED bulbs with a vintage feel, for a modern, industrial look. The ST64 Swirl Bulb is low-voltage LED filament bulb in clear glass. They're designed to glow like the old-school incandescent lights that have made a style comeback – but made ultra energy efficient through the use of lots of LEDs and an integral battery pack. Pair with The ONE Table Lamp.


What’s in a name? Well a lot, actually – especially when it comes to humble, the lighting brand with a warm and friendly outlook, run by a small yet mighty team. Inspired by the humble candle, they set to work improving technology and bulb designs to create a low energy consumption, vintage-style bulb that could light up a room using only a battery – making it portable and flexible too. And with their lamps’ modern, slick design, we’d say it’s a mission well-and-truly accomplished.


• Low-Voltage LED Filament Bulb 5V 1W, • Clear Glass, E27, • 2200 K Color Temperature, • NOTE: Not Compatible with Normal 220V Socket, • Color Temp 2200 K, • Voltage 1W 5V, • Dimensions Ø 6,4 X H 13 Cm, • Weight 41 G, • Fitting E27

Special Care

When dirty or dusty, please clean your bulb using a clean, damp cloth.

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