Crafted by Julia Hariri

Merged Faces III Art Print White Frame

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Julia Hariri creates youthful, vibrant art inspired by people and space. Each collection has a distinctive look, from abstract line portraits to colourful, graphic prints inspired by the moon. Merged Faces III is a graphic, abstract print playing with linework, colour and texture.

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    Moving easily between abstract, portrait-style linework to colourful, textured prints inspired by space, Julia Hariri is an unusual talent. Her graphic prints and illustrations have a youthful, evocative energy, adding instant personality to your space. Merged Faces III is a graphic, abstract print playing with linework, colour and texture.


    Julia Hariri was passionate about art and creating from a young age. And though she studied fashion initially – honing her sketching skills and the ability to visualise her design ideas on paper – she’s now a freelance illustrator, whose impressive abstract collections make a bold, accomplished statement. The Moon Collection combines colour and texture to explore astrological objects – the base images are created by hand, with the colour and form then being enhanced digitally. While the Linework Collection is inspired by portrait photography, recreating faces and people through simple abstract lines.


    ¥ Matte 100% cotton 315 sgm soft textured fine art paper ¥ Solid wood, painted frame ¥ Printed using the fine art giclŽe printing method, a drop technique known for its clarity and precision ¥ Canvas made from bleached birch, eucalyptus and softwood pine pulp, from sustainable forests

    Special Care

    • Please do not hang on a wall facing the sun directly. Fine art's colours can fade over time • When dirty or dusty, please tend to your frame using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.