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Maple Expander

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Muscle up in minimalist style with high concept gym equipment brand Kenko. Their handcrafted pieces are inspired by nature and made with natural materials – form meets function. The Expander is a resistance trainer with a handle for full body workouts, in Canadian maple and rubber.


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    Kenko is revolutionising the fitness industry – creating handcrafted gym equipment with an emphasis on form as well as function. They use sustainable materials and nature-inspired geometric shapes, helping you reconnect while you reinvent yourself. The Expander is a dynamic piece of workout equipment, able to target the full body depending on how you use it. The slim Canadian maple wood handle is easy and comfortable to grip, and the strong rubber rope can be knotted around door frames or furniture legs for a fun pull day session.


    Bringing a minimal, modern aesthetic to muscle-making, Kenko’s a concept gym equipment brand that looks as good as you’ll feel after every workout. Inspired by a belief that wellness and exercise are about reconnecting to your natural form, their pieces are accordingly natural – handcrafted using materials like cork and wood, as well as geometric shapes inspired by nature. It’s a game-changing approach to the fitness industry, that’ll help you improve yours.


    • Materials: Canadian Maple, Brass, Rubber Band Core Highly Elastic Core and PE Coating, • Minimalist Design with Maximum Functionality, • Cylindrical Shape of The Handle Provides Ergonomic Comfort During Any Workout • Arm Strengthening to Working Your Upper Body and Legs, • Long: 15cm, Diameter: 3cm

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