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Miami Art Deco Pool Handmade Cyanotype Art Print

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Printed using the traditional cyanotype method – using light sensitive emulsion and a light source – Kind of Cyan’s vivid prints are nature-inspired and naturally crafted. Because of the unique printing process, no two prints are exactly alike. Miami Art Deco Pool Handmade Cyanotype Art Print is a nature-inspired cyanotype print in vivid blue.

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Regenerating a traditional printing technique – the cyanotype method – using light and light sensitive emulsion, each Kind Of Cyan print is subtly unique. The artist takes inspiration from nature – fitting for these naturally created designs. And each one’s contemporary and bold, in shades of vivid blue. Miami Art Deco Pool Handmade Cyanotype Art Print shows the movements of water over a tiled swimming pool floor.


Going back to basics, Kind Of Cyan’s prints are produced by hand using the oldest technique in history – the cyanotype method. Using light and light sensitive emulsion, each print is the result of a reaction between the two, which means each print has subtly unique tones and shadows. Striking, statement and a way to truly stand out from the crowd. Because it’s a natural printing method, the artist’s inspiration comes from nature – in particular, crashing waves and the ocean, given the prints’ vivid blue tones.


• Measurements: 100x70cm, • Each Paper Measures 100x70 Cm (28x 40 In.) A Standard Frame Size, • All Cyanotype Prints Are Made on High-Quality Italian Watercolor Paper

Special Care

• Please do not hang on a wall facing the sun directly. Fine art's colours can fade over time