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Light Grey Linen Bed Sheet

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This family-run linen brand keeps home cosy and contemporary, crafting premium linen pieces in modern styles, while using traditional Lithuanian craftsman techniques. Each Linen Tales piece is soft in texture and colour, and made to last a lifetime. The Linen Bed Sheet is a soft, breathable bed sheet in pre-washed 100% linen.

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Lithuania has always been a proud exporter of traditional linen. And now, thanks to Linen Tales, you can shop contemporary, cosy linen home accessories too. They use traditional Lithuanian techniques, sustainable linen suppliers and modern colours to craft linen pieces that last. The Linen Bed Sheet is a soft, breathable bed sheet in pre-washed 100% linen. Its material is designed for a sweeter sleep – natural linen is temperature regulating and has natural anti-allergy properties. Add to your bedroom for a smarter look, in aesthetic and design.


It makes sense that a brand crafting pieces to make home better would be a family affair. And based in Lithuania, this family-run linen company aims to bring modern, well-crafted linens to modern, well-styled homes. They first set up shop in their own living room – showcasing the transformational effect of quality linen in a real life setting. And their unique approach to making the practical more beautiful preserves the tradition of Lithuanian linen, while introducing a softness through soft colour and texture.


• Made From 100% Pre-Washed Linen (160g / M²), • Made in Lithuania Individual, • OEKO-TEX Certified Fabric, • Manufactures Possible on Request

Special Care

New linen should be washed in cooler water temperatures for the first few washes; this will set the mercerization process. We recommend to separate your linens from other items in the first wash. Future wash temperatures should be at 40°C, but for stubborn stains, temperatures can be raised to 60°C. At that temperature, the smooth flax fibers that make up the linen material will release any staining

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