Crafted by Nordahl Konings

Brass and Black Phei Wall Clock

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Combining sleek, minimal design and generational Scandinavian craft, Nordahl Konings suggests a refreshingly understated way of keeping track of the hour.


Dimension: 13 x 30 cm. This piece requires a diameter of 60cm on your wall.

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The Phei Wall Clock is inspired by the golden ratio and the Archimedean point. As time goes by, the clock hands will intersect in different geometrical compositions.


Established in Norway in 2017, Oslo-based Nordahl Konings is the beautifully executed passion project of third generation creative designer, Christopher Nordahl Konings. Firmly rooted in an automated world where one reverts to a smartphone to check the hour, Nordahl Konings offers a more relaxed, refreshingly understated way of keeping track of time.


• Solid Brass composition • Clock hands made of anodized aviation grade aluminium • Junghans Quartz movement made in Germany by uhrentechnik-schwarzwald • Battery: AA (Not included) • 10 year international warranty

Special Care

In order to remove any potential dust that could accumulate over time, please wipe me very carefully with a clean, damp cloth and leave me to dry.

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