Crafted by Oakywood

Grey Felt & Cork Mouse Pad

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Oakywood’s wooden decor and accessories prove that wood works – for everything. Whether it’s a headphone stand or iPhone charging dock, each of their contemporary pieces is brought to life using traditional techniques and hand craftsmanship in Poland. The Felt & Cork Mouse Pad is a biodegradable wool felt and cork mouse pad.


Dimensions: 28cm x 22cm = 11″ x 8.7″

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Add smooth style to your favourite tech products – Oakywood’s handmade, artisan wooden accessories are designed to keep your gadgets safe, charged and looking good. Their minimal, contemporary silhouettes look great with any decor. And because they’re finished by hand, they’re built to last. The Felt & Cork Mouse Pad is a biodegradable wool felt and cork mouse pad. It's made from natural 100 OEKO-TEX® Merino Wool Felt and ecological cork, making it a sustainable choice to keep your desk protected from mouse wear and tear, and its premium materials give it a padded, soft, durable finish.


Oakywood is a wooden decor and accessories brand that smoothes the lines between the modern and the traditional. It was founded by two brothers in Podhale, Poland – an area known for its wood craftsmen and family-run woodworking businesses. But straying from the norm, Oakywood Woodworking Company puts a modern spin on their trade, making contemporary designs and tech accessories, using eco-friendly techniques. They learned everything they know from their father, and are inspired by a family heritage of handmade, wood crafting know-how.


• Made of Natural, Biodegradable High-Quality Materials: Ecological Cork and Wool Felt, • Optimized Even for A Limited Desk Space, To Provide Maximum Comfort of Use

Special Care

• Water - Remove Water with A Paper Towel and Let It Dry, • Spills (Wine, Food, Oil) - Gently Wet the Stain with A Mix of Water and Light Detergent. Wait 2-3 Minutes and Remove Moisture. Repeat Until the Stain Lightens, • Dust and Dry Stains - Vacuum the Pad Occasionally