Crafted by Peninsula

Pantalaccio Isola Rossa

$ 134

Peninsula's an Italian brand through and through – from the family-run Italian factories they use, to their dedication to protecting their coastal location through sustainable fashion. The Pantalaccio Isola Rossa trousers are comfy in a cotton wool blend.

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Made in Italy, by Italians, and inspired by the Italian Riviera – Peninsula is a brand with sunshine in its soul. They're dedicated to sustainability too, making their playful pieces a heartwarming addition to your wardrobe. The Pantalaccio Isola Rossa trousers combine comfort and elegance – with an elasticated waistband and relaxed fit, in a premium cotton wool blend. Their classic structure and darts add a touch of sophistication, and they'll look as good with sneakers as they will Oxfords.


• Comfortable and elegant • Relaxed fit • Made in Italy

Special Care

• To best preserve my appearance and durability, please wash me at low temperatures (30 degrees Celsius) using a gentle detergent, and hang or lay me out to dry.