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Jar Clusia

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Inspired by nature and its self-sufficient ecosystems, PikaPlant encourages us to fill our home with beautiful greenery - especially when it can water itself.

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Dimensions: 17cm × 17cm × 28cm

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Quietly invigorating and endearingly beautiful, PikaPlant's Jar plants make a refined addition to any home or office space. Sealed airtight in an upside down Mason jar, this plant benefits from its own self-sufficient ecosphere by continuously recycling its water, meaning you never have to water it. In this jar lives the Clusia Rosea; a tropical plant indigenous to the islands of the Carribean. Did you know that in nature, this species sends out aerial roots that wrap around other trees?


Founded in 2015, Amsterdam-based Pikaplant proudly reminds us of the benefits of living around plants; they boost creativity, productivity and reduce stress. Determined to provide greenery for even the busiest of homes, Pikaplant offers beautiful self-watering plants, inspired by nature and its self-sufficient ecosystems.


• Airtight sealed Mason Jar • Materials: Glass / Steel / Rubber • 3 Month Warranty

Special Care

The best thing about taking care of your new plant is that it requires zero effort - just find a nice space for it, and watch it thrive.