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Olive Wax Jacket

£ 495

Manchester-based Private White V.C.'s a master at its craft. They've been sewing and stitching from the same factory since 1853, and make British classics with an urban edge. This Wax Jacket has a unique finish that'll get better with time.


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Private White V.C. has mastered quality as well as quantity – they run the last-standing cotton factory in Manchester, and use techniques honed for decades to expertly (and sustainably) craft their pieces. They take iconic British styles and weave in a little northern soul, for an edgy, urban look that's made to last. The Wax Jacket's the definition of fun-to-wear outerwear. It's made from beeswax-finished cotton in Private White V.C.'s Manchester factory – a finish that means it'll develop a unique patina over time. Its lightweight design is paired with a 100% wool lining, making it an ideal all-rounder that's easy to dress up or down. And its function's on form thanks to expert attention to detail – check out the two internal pockets, military-grade hardware and etched copper rivets.


The cotton industry was once the heart of Manchester, and Private White V.C.’s the beat that’s keeping it alive. In their historic factory, they take iconic British styles and give them an urban edge, using traditional craftsmanship and the best, locally sourced materials. And they’ve been doing it since 1853.


- UK-woven cloth - Breathable - Lightweight - Outer: 8oz waxed cotton (275 grams per square metre) woven in Scotland - Lining: 100% wool flannel woven in Huddersfield

Special Care

Dry clean only

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