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Walnut Eden Boot

$ 512
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If you can appreciate the heritage, hard work and detail that goes into beautifully-made craftsman products, you'll love Private White VC.


This shoe runs true to size, please consult the size chart.

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Handcrafted by Cheaney in Northamptonshire exclusively for Private White V.C., the Eden is a classic, smart leather Veldtschoen boot. The word Veldtschoen comes from the dutch meaning “Field Shoe” and insinuates a water-resistant construction. By turning the waxed leather outwards and over the welt that is stitched to the leather lining, the feather line on these men’s boots is concealed, allowing excess water to run away without penetrating boots.


Named after the brave Private Jack White, WWI Hero and founder of the company's heritage factory in Manchester, Private White VC takes pride in its hard-earned history of dressing some of the most influential political and cultural icons of our time - from kings and queens to Prime Ministers, presidents and rock stars. Built upon humble beginnings in 1853, Private White VC honed its repute for outstanding quality clothing and unparralleled, traditional British craftsmanship - one beautiful garment at a time.


• 100% leather upper • Leather insole • Goodyear welted Dainite sole and heel • Five copper eyelets and three ski hooks • Benchmade by Joseph Cheaney & Sons in their own factory in Northampton

Special Care

• To best preserve our quality and longevity, please consider the use of a wooden shoe tree, as these absorb perspiration from the (leather) lining of the shoe, and keeping it from cracking while helping to reduce the creasing of the upper. • The regular use of wax polish (not containing silicone), is important in the care of leather shoes to prevent them from losing their natural oils. Shoes should be wiped clean before the application of polish with a suitable brush. • If leather shoes get very wet, they should be left to dry naturally over a number of days, away from direct heat source.

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