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Gradient Granite PET Rug

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Rug Solid is on a mission: create a more solid future by producing well-styled, sustainable rugs. Each one uses recycled or upcycled materials, and is built to last. Like the PET Rug, an easy-to-clean gradient rug in recycled PET plastic.

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    Do the planet a solid by shopping Rug Solid. Each collection is totally sustainable, using recycled and upcycled materials that feel as good as they look – in both senses of the word. The PET Rug is a distinctive piece, in look and construction. It feels just like wool, but it's made from recycled PET plastic, making it an easy to clean and durable rug. Its shades have been curated to evoke nature, designed to make your home more calming and inviting.


    Rug Solid wants you to step into a sustainable future – producing a new era of environmentally considered furnishings in innovative materials. Founded in 2012 by Tina Steneman, Rug Solid’s rugs are sustainable end-to-end, in every part of production – from printing on recycled paper, to using CO2 neutral shipping methods to deliver rugs made from recycled or upcycled materials. But sustainable doesn’t mean saving on style – each design is bold and beautiful, with the added feel-good factor that comes from supporting the environment.


    • 100% Recycled Pet Plastic, • Designed In Denmark, • Weight: 2000 G/M2, • Height: 8 Mm, • Made In India

    Special Care

    Daily cleaning may be done with regular vacuuming or by beating the rug. If the rug is stained, it is often easier to rinse it with a garden hose than using a brush to avoid rubbing the stain in further between the fibers. Remarks Placing the rug in direct sunlight will alter its appearance over time.