Crafted by Rupert Hoeller

Home Alone Art Print Oak Frame

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Playing with colour, contrast and everyday objects, Rupert Höller’s minimal photography is designed to make you slow down and think. Each piece is stripped back to only a few lines and geometric shapes, but full of surprising colours and fresh perspectives. The Home Alone is a minimal photographic print in playful hues.

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Rupert Höller takes a minimal approach to photography, using shape, contrast and architectural forms in pieces designed to make you slow down and think. He’s influenced by his work as a music video director, as well as his everyday surroundings, and has a way of making the real appear surreal. Home Alone is a minimal photographic print in shades of blue and orange.


Rupert Höller’s a true creative – a minimal photographer and music video director from Austria, whose different art mediums influence each other to create pieces which leave a lasting impression. There’s an escapism to his pieces – in a world where we’re bombarded with constant visual imagery, Rupert’s photography invites you to slow down and clear your mind. And each one uses stripped-back but unusual subjects, playing with geometric structures, architectural forms and contrasting pastel tones. His fresh perspective’s refreshing, and designed to make you think.


¥ Matte 100% cotton 315 sgm soft textured fine art paper ¥ Solid wood, painted frame ¥ Printed using the fine art giclŽe printing method, a drop technique known for its clarity and precision ¥ Canvas made from bleached birch, eucalyptus and softwood pine pulp, from sustainable forests

Special Care

• Please do not hang on a wall facing the sun directly. Fine art's colours can fade over time • When dirty or dusty, please tend to your frame using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.