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Japan Blue Test Nº2 Eyewear

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Modern style meets traditional craftsmanship in Sample Eyewear’s well-made frames. Each pair is made by hand, in small batches by expert artisans in Madrid. And they stick to sustainable materials sourced locally. Test Nº2 Eyewear is a pair of square frame sunglasses in biodegradable, plant-based acetate.


Measurements 48-20-145 mm

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Great for any occasion, Sample Eyewear’s sunglasses have a strikingly modern look, despite being made the traditional way – handcrafted in small batches in Madrid. Test Nº2 Eyewear is a pair of square frame sunglasses in biodegradable, plant-based acetate. Each frame is crafted by hand, using their signature 'Unprocessed' method – it's this artisan process that means each pair might vary slightly in its finish. Each one comes with a technical drawing of the 'test' idea, including material codes that signify its authenticity. And as well as enhancing your style with their chunky, modern look, they also give 100% UVA/UVB protection.


Sample Eyewear’s modern pieces are made traditionally, designed and handcrafted in Madrid. Yet despite a local approach to production, their shapes and styles are borderless – made for any season, any country and every person. The founders’ shared experiences contribute to the eyewear brand’s vision – celebrating the best of global design, while using the best craftspeople and materials available locally. And each pair’s made using biodegradable, plant-based acetate – echoing their values of sustainability and quality.


• Materials 100% Handcrafted with Plant Based Mazzuchelli Acetate, • Custom to Sample CR39 Organic Sunlens, Providing 100% UVA/UVB Protection, • Stainless Steel, Nickel Free Gomotec Hinge with Teflon Safety Screw

Special Care

Please keep inside a protective case to maintain longevity.