Crafted by Savernake Knives

Steak Knife Set

£ 1500

Determined to reintroduce the modern kitchen knife with an infusion of traditional craft and unparalleled attention to detail, Savernake Knives perfects a collection of beautifully designed, painstakingly handcrafted knives for the modern home.

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• 132mm blade • 255mm overall • Weight: ±93 grams

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If Steak Night is a much cherished ritual within your household, this handsome set of steak knives is undoubtedly for you. Tastefully combining sleek, stripped-back design and cutting-edge functionality, this set makes a refined addition to any kitchen - and a fantastic gift for others, too.


Founded in 2016 by Laurie Timpson and Philip Shaw, Savernake Knives was born to rethink the mainstream kitchen knife and offer a beautifully engineered, closely designed list of options for the modern home. Tastefully combining age-old tradition with innovative, cutting-edge design, the brand perfects a collection of knives crafted with passion, precision and unparalleled attention to detail.


• Specifically designed for steak or meats • Set of 6 Knives

Special Care

All Savernake knives are dishwasher friendly and should be stored in a cool, dry place when unused.

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