Crafted by Simini Skis

Grey Simini skis TLV

£ 660

Beautiful, handcrafted skis that combine innovative engineering with acute attention to detail while reminding us of the beauty of raw, natural materials.

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Length: 171 cm

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Made for the man with a few tricks up his sleeve, the TLV have a few hidden talents of their own. Designed with twin tip symmetric construction using only the finest natural materials, these bad boys were built to keep up with your playful side. Their dynamic wooden inlay is one of a kind, and as no two riders are alike, TLV comes in 3 colour ways to match your individual style.


Born from a desire to create a more immersive experience within nature and a fascination for natural materials, Simini Skis is a breath of fresh air. Adamant that the beauty of raw, natural resources is more than enough when it comes to product design, Simini offers a line of carefully handcrafted skis - made in Slovakia - showcasing the versatility and wonders of untouched wood.


• 171 cm / 120 – 92 – 120 mm / R 21 m /∼1500 g / stiff

Special Care

When unnused, please store your skis in a cool, dry space. After use, wipe them down to avoid moisture accumulation.