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Jet & Soft Sand Sanderson Leather Watch Roll & Stud Box Gift Set

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Life should be easy and beautiful – that’s why STOW exists. Their leather travel and home accessories take the hassle out of every day, and they choose the best materials and bright shades to help you live and travel in style. The Sanderson Leather Watch Roll & Stud Box Gift Set is a leather watch roll with space for three watches, plus a matching leather stud box that slots inside.

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The Sanderson Leather Watch Roll & Stud Box Gift Set is a strikingly handsome travel or home companion for your favourite timepieces. Not only does it keep your watch protected and in position (it's been designed to fit easily into a suitcase or travel bag), but it works well with all watch sizes and styles thanks to the expert craftsmanship that went into its creation – handcrafted in Spain from quality leather. It's uniquely constructed, with two removable cylinders inside, making it a flexible solution that allows for optional storage. But with both cylinders in place, there's room for three watches to be stored comfortably – two around the larger cylinder, and one around the smaller cylinder. The matching leather stud box slots perfectly inside when the smaller cylinder is removed, but can also be used separately, or as a single watch box with the inner cross bar removed. An elegant, eye-pleasing storage solution for home, and a protective accessory during travel – the perfect luxury gift set for watch wearers.


Colour is king for disruptive travel brand STOW. Founded by Carol Lovell in Hertfordshire in 2013, their handmade leather travel accessories stand out not only for their eye-catching shades, but for the brand’s commitment to honouring traditional techniques and quality, too. They’re so committed, that some pieces are a year or more in the making.


• Designed in England, made in Spain • Watch roll dimensions: • Outer leather case: 23cm x 9cm • Removable cylinder one: 12.7cm x 6cm • Removable cylinder two: 8.3cm x 6cm • Stud box dimensions: 7cm x 6.5cm

Special Care

• In the case of dirt or stains, wipe with a clean, damp cloth before leaving to dry • Store in a cool, dry place when not in use to keep it looking its best for longer