Crafted by Thomas Poganitsch

Gray Concrete Wall Hook

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Thomas Poganitsch’s handcrafted home accessories are designed to make you look – sculptural, unusual shapes and silhouettes with as much function as form. Despite their unassuming sizes and simple designs, each storage piece creates art within your space.

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Using unusual shapes that play with light and shadow, Thomas Poganitsch’s decorative accessories have as much form as they do function. He crafts each piece by hand from his workshop in Vienna, using natural materials and tools inherited from the best. The Concrete Wall Hook is part of one of Thomas Poganitsch's most well-known collections – these decorative bird-inspired wall hooks are simple yet striking, resembling flying birds bursting from the wall. Its unmistakable concrete shape uses light and shadow to recreate a bird's wings and head, and because of their lengthy neck they're perfect to use as an everyday coat or bag hook. Arrange in flocks to create a striking art installation, or use them to hang decorative accessories like air plants or dried bouquets.


While lots of brands are worth a second look, Thomas Pogantisch’s arty home accessories are worth a third and fourth. Each hook and storage solution takes a sculptural, minimal form – playing with light and shadow to create an effect that’s reminiscent of an optical illusion. Which is why despite their small stature, every home accessory Thomas designs is a statement-making talking point. They’re designed to create art and poetry in your home while adding missing functionality. And that’s what makes Thomas Pogantisch’s designs a solution with style.


• 1x Wall Hook, • Assembly: Screw / Dowel, • Material: Concrete, • Color: Black, • Size: About 110mm X 160mm X 52mm, • Handmade in Vienna, • Weatherproof

Special Care

When dirty or dusty, please tend to clear using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.