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Siment Metro Vase


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Tastefully reintroducing Indian design with a modern perspective, Tiipoi infuses our living spaces with an invigirating touch of colour and soul. Fuelled by India's extensive artisanal expertise and the country's humbling "nothing goes to waste mentality," the brand creates beautiful, functional pieces for the modern home.

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• Dimensions: (H) 24cm x (W) 16cm x (D) 6.6cm • Weight: 1.1kg

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Tiipoi's Siment collection offers a selection of concrete vases and planters inspired by urban infrastructure in present-day India. It also tells the tale about how, in India, concrete is often transformed from a purely functional material into an opportunity for decoration. The Metro Vase was inspired by Bangalore’s plans to build an overground metro system in the late 90s, which never came to fruition. Each design was 3D-printed, molded out of silicone and then cast in concrete.


Founded in 2013 by Spandana Gopal, creative powerhouse Tiipoi aspires to show the world that there is truly more to Indian design than meets the eye. Based in London with its roots firmly set in India, the brand perfects a collection of decoration and functional accessories for the modern home. Combining authentic generational craft with a refreshingly unassuming aesthetic, Tiipoi infuses the modern living space with the warmth and vibrance of India.


• Composition: Concrete

Special Care

Please store me in a cool, dry place when unnused to best preserve my quality and longevity.