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Natural Chair 14

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There’s a ton to love about TON: specialists in bent wood furniture. Their designs are award-winning, and their success is down to a meticulous craftsmanship approach that combines innovation with traditional techniques. The Chair 14 is a beech chair with a minimal look.

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TON produces meticulously crafted wooden furniture using a traditional wood bending process – in the same factory that’s specialised in the technique since 1861. The look is modern yet timeless, and because bending wood gives it strength, each piece lasts for generations. The Chair 14 has been a TON classic since 1859 – it's so popular in Vienna that it's been nicknamed the 'café chair'. It's manually crafted from six bent beech rods, and has a minimal construction with just two bolts and ten screws. Over 80 million of these chairs have been sold to date – a testament to its subtle vintage aesthetic and durability. It's easy to style, and looks as good in dining rooms as it does your home office.


TON is a master of its specialist craft: producing bent wood furniture using traditional wood-bending techniques. It’s what the name TON stands for, and is a skill that’s been honed for generations, in the same factory that’s been the home of bent wood furniture since 1861. It’s in an area surrounded by beech trees – one of the key natural materials TON uses. And its benefits are ample: not only is it a sustainable and natural approach using renewable materials, bending wood gives it strength and durability. Their bent wood chairs are award-winning, because their wooden furniture skilfully combines legacy principles with innovative techniques – like the wood splitting process they’ve pioneered. The result? Wooden furniture that looks timeless and lasts a lifetime.


• Total Width: 41cm, • Total Depth: 51.5cm, • Total Height: 84cm, • Seat Height: 46cm, • Seat Width: Ø 40.5cm, • Seat Depth: Ø 40.5cm, • Product Weight: 3.3kg, • Volume: 0.147, • Dimensions: 59 X 45 X 100, • Wood Type: Beech, • Leg Model: 02, • Packing: 2pcs

Special Care

When dirty or dusty, please tend to clear your furniture using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.