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Crafted by Tothora

Black Lacquered Finished Harlem Table Clock

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Make the passing of time something to look forward to with Tothora’s sculptural, artistic clocks. Each one’s handmade in Barcelona, and plays with unusual shapes and silhouettes to create functional art. The Lacquered Finished Harlem Table Clock is an unusual 3D box table clock. This item is Made-to-Order, meaning all sales are final unless an item arrives damaged.


From $201
From $201
From $201

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    If time tends to run away with you, Tothora’s the answer – their striking, unusual statement clocks are made to be gazed at. Each one’s crafted by hand in Barcelona, and turns a functional object into art. The Lacquered Finished Harlem Table Clock seems to defy gravity. Its asymmetrical shape is smaller at the bottom than the top, which – when combined with the 3D box construction – gives in the look of an optical illusion. The simple numberless face adds to its quirky silhouette.


    Tothora isn’t just a clock maker, it’s a time sculpture creator. They make the passing of time less ominous, and something to look forward to – true to designer Josep Vera’s original vision. Their clocks are exclusively designed and manufactured by hand, using unique shapes and forms to create feature pieces that are as much artworks as they are timekeepers. Each piece is crafted in Barcelona, and each collection is just as daring and unusual as the last.


    • Sizes: Box 15 – 24x21x20 cm Box 20 – 32x28x28 cm Box 50 – 70x80x70 cm • Lacquered Finishes: Black, White, Garnet, Orange, Pistachio • Clocks made entirely in Barcelona, with German Quartz movement, • Colours May Vary as All Our Models May Undergo Changes Without Prior Notice, • Please Ask for Colour Samples from Our Support Team

    Special Care

    When dirty or dusty, please wipe your clock using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.