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Diamond Steel Sharpening Rod

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Founded in Copenhagen and made by the best in their field, Veark’s minimal, modern kitchen tools are durable and functional. Crafted sustainably, and designed to last. The Diamond Steel Sharpening Rod is a premium knife sharpening rod in diamond steel, made in Germany.

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From their drop-formed knives to their diamond steel sharpening rod, Veark crafts pieces for makers – simple, functional, sustainable kitchen tools designed to be used, and to last. The Diamond Steel Sharpening Rod is a premium knife sharpening rod in diamond steel, made in Germany. Its oval shape and microcrystalline diamonds help maintain a super sharp knife edge – ideal for busy kitchens.


Veark crafts sustainable, honest, high quality kitchen tools for everyday use. Pieces to help makers get making, not to be admired on a shelf. They believe in creating and consuming less, but better – pieces that last a lifetime and reduce waste. And thanks to their artisan craftsmanship, they also help support a worldwide community of makers who all believe in this same mission.


• High Quality Diamond Steel Rod, • Oval Steel Rod, Covered with Microcrystalline Diamonds, • Easy to Maintain the Sharp Edge of Your Knife, • Made in Germany

Special Care

• A Sharp Knife Is A Safe Knife! o Hone Your Knife Regularly with A Steel, Diamond or Ceramic Honing Rod to Stay Sharp. • Use A Cutting Board. o Cutting on Hard Materials Like Glass, Stone, Ceramic or Steel Will Make Your Knife Dull. Please Use Cutting Boards Made from Wood or Plastic. • Cut Straight, do not Scrape. o Avoid Scraping the Blade Sideways Over Any Surface. To Move Food from Your Cutting Board to A Pan, Turn Your Knife Upside-Down and Push with The Rear Spine Of The Blade Instead • Keep It Clean. o Rinse Your Knife After Use. Do not Let Any Food Dry on The Blade. Use Only Mild Dish Soap and Non-Abrasive Cleaning Utensils • Wipe It Dry. o Thoroughly Dry Your Knife with A Towel After Cleaning. • Store Safely. o Find A Dedicated Space for Your Knife. It Should Not Be Knocking Around Against Other Objects in A Kitchen Drawer. • Do not Drop It. o Especially onto Hard floors. • Dishwasher. o The Knife Will Basically Be Able to Withstand Dishwasher Use, it is Sharpness However Will Not! Your Knife Will Have A Higher Demand for Maintenance to Keep It Sharp. So, We Cannot Recommend Putting the Knife into The Dishwasher! • Sharpening. o We Do not Recommend Using Any Promiseful Sharpening Machines. If Honing Your Knife Does Not Bring Back the Sharpness, Use Proper Whetstones or Have It Sharpened by A Professional.