Crafted by Verk

Silver / Tan Leather strap

£ 40

Designed in Sweden and made in Germany, Verk combines the best possible craftsman talent from all over Europe in one, sleek timepiece.


• Size 40: 18 mm lug width (0.71 inch) / 225 mm flat length (8.8 inch) • Size 36: 16 mm lug width (0.71 inch) / 229 mm flat length (9.0 inch)

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Verk's steel mesh bands are produced by the fourth-generation family business of STAIB, based in the German industrial city of Pforzheim. Manufactured in 85 separate steps, each STAIB band is a testament to engineering detail and the highest-grade quality.


Founded in Stockholm, Verk was born from two co-founders' desire to create something different and their belief in a well-curated lifestyle: "fewer things, but carefully chosen." Straying from the tides of overconsumption, the Swedish duo set out to create something with value, whose design, production and use told a story of authenticity and longevity. Verk was born: beautiful, intricate timepieces that best represent Scandinavian minimalism and yet, unite an amalgam of international talent and responsibly sourced materials.


• 316L stainless steel buckle • Enhanced PVD coating • Italian full grain leather strap

Special Care

Please store me in a cool, dry place when unworn to best preserve my quality and longevity.

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