Crafted by Vitamin Living

Black Eclipse Mirror

$ 234

Meet Vitamin Living; the London-based powerhouse whose products are as wildly creative as they are functional. Featuring state-of-the-art ceramic gnomes and monkey fist knot pendant lamps, Vitamin Living makes an invigorating addition to our homes.


• Dimensions: 470 mm x 25 mm

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Offering a unique and refined design, Vitamin Living's Eclipse Mirror makes a tasteful addition to any modern home or office setting. The mirror's colourful slice is fully rotatable to suit your liking and prefered angle.


Born in East London in 2004 from the creative unison of brothers Chris and Andy Vernall, Vitamin Living is best known for its innovative, eye-catching furniture and beautiful lighting designs. How time flies; now a reference for craftsman-made luxury with over fifteen years of experience, VL continues to cater to modern homes worldwide with its fun, vibrant designs.


• Fully rotatable slice, to suit your liking

Special Care

When dirty or dusty, please clean your mirror using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.